I spend a great deal of my time working with first time homebuyers which means alot of hand holding. No problem – that’s my job. Buying a home can be an overwhelming endeavor and scary in some respects. It certainly will be the most expensive purchase you will ever make and therefore, it requires thought, deliberation, questions and prayer. I am often asked about the process from beginning to end and I have become an expert at explaining it well. Again, no problem – that’s my job. My task here is to give you insight into the buying process and hopefully answer your questions in the process. This will take time so make it a plan to walk with me for a while.

Imagine that you have decided to move out of your apartment and would like to purchase a home. What is the first thing that you would do? Who is the first person you would call? Lender, Realtor, friend…?  There are usually three ways that potential buyers find realtors – on-line, referral from a friend or randoming calling them from signs in yards. No matter how you find your realtor, here are three issues that you need to consider.

  1. While it is great to know how long a realtor has been in the business, what you really want to know is their level of expertise.  A new agent that has hit the ground running and has sold 10 houses in 4 months is a good agent.  Ask about recent sales, past clients, etc.
  2. Try to find an agent that is knowledgeable about the area that you are considering moving to. This is really important as you explore schools, accessibility, travel times and home values.
  3. Find an agent that you are compatible with. You don’t have to be best friends with the agent but this is a long process and you need to feel comfortable talking with them. The chemistry has to be right.

Next blog:  In Navigating The Maze – Part II I will discuss what happens in the initial meeting with the agent.


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