One of the most interesting aspects to my job as a Realtor is “showing property”.  After the buyer consultation, I go back to my office, sit in front of my computer and search our Multiple Listing Service (better known as MLS) for properties matching the buyers needs and wants. I usually go right down the list – area of town, number of bedrooms and baths, age of home, subdivision, etc. until I have compiled a number of possibilities. I will then call the “listing” agents to make sure that these houses are available to show to my buyer and that there are no offers or conditions that I need to know about. The list is then e-mailed to the buyer for review and we then settle on the homes to see.

One point to make about showing homes; I usually work in 3-hour intervals with a buyer and will show 7-10 homes at one time. It is very difficult to keep track of more than 10 homes and eventually the details start to overlap. I have incorporated two practices in my buyer showings that seem to work well. First, I have the buyer write down the positives and negatives about each home while we are still in the house. I ask very specific questions about each house so that I know what is important, not so important and a “deal” breaker. Sometimes it is difficult for a buyer to know what they like and dislike until they see it in a home – especially first time homebuyers.

Second, I play a game of “Naming Each House” so that we can remember it. There has been the deck house, cat house, music, boyfriend house and so on. I can call past buyers a year later and they will remember a home by the name we used. The name can be positive or negative but it will always set off a trigger in our minds about a particular home.

But what truly makes my job interesting and exciting is the feeling I get when I first open the door! Have I just opened the door to someone’s new home? This may sound corny but it is true.

Often I am disappointed. Sometimes the on-line pictures look so good and I am familiar with the community; then I open the door and …. nothing. I can take it when I am disappointed but I hate it when the buyers were excited and then let down. On average an agent shows 10-12 homes before the buyer selects one. This number can increase in a “buyer’s market” because buyers want to feel like they have seen everything before they make the big decision.

However, there is nothing better than opening the door to a buyer’s dream home. When I can see it in their eyes that “THIS IS IT!”!  It is that look, the fast heart beat, the writing of the offer, the acceptance of the offer and the closing day that makes my job special. When I am able to hand over the keys to a buyer’s “dream home” – it is worth it all!


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